Monday, August 30, 2010

Honeymooning in Style

Now, although summer is coming to an end, the heat wave of Southern California is still, very much, in full swing, so as I’m writing this I’m imagining myself beach-side, as you may be when your honeymoon begins.

So, as you prepare for your late-summer-honeymooning, make sure to pack light, light fabrics that is.

Alright, ladies it's your turn first.

A great staple for honeymooning is the throw-on dress. Whether a mini or a maxi, the throw-on dress is perfect over a swimsuit, for the slept-in-late-but-don’t-want-anyone-to-know look or for the casual dinner date with the new hubs.

Couple a simple statement dress with a pair of wooden heels and your look cannot be stopped.

Oversized shirts, bold colors and floral patterns can be very simply paired with chain necklaces, strappy sandals and high waisted shorts.

Antique Chain Necklace from Forever 21

Wear a pair of oversized sunglasses, you can search for a designer pair that will last but cost you a fortune, or buy a few different pairs at say, $5.80, and match your lenses with your look
Forever 21 Shades

And, last but not at all least, get a bag that fits your honeymooning. Whether it is a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote, a Deux Lux messenger bag or a Kimichi Blue canvas backpack, splurge to get the right bag for you!
Marc by Marc Jacobs on Zappos
Mercer Messenger Tote by Deux Lux
Kimichi Blue Canvas Backpack from Urban Outfitters

OK. I get it, a lot of honeymooners end up on the beach. So, go vintage this year! ModCloth has an incredible collection of old-fashioned suits this summer season:

So laides, I think you get the idea. Be fun and flirty with your look, but let yourself breathe in the clothes you buy!

Fellas, this part is for you.

Don’t be afraid to rock the fedora or the Boat Shoes as summer comes to an end.

Take some tips from The Sartorialist, mismatch your shades of jeans and grab your Ray Bans.
These Ray Bans will channel the inner traveler in you.
While these will most likely make your new wife swoon as they'll remind her of the Ad Men of Mad Men. (Or you can get the ones he actually wears here, the Ray Bans just won't seem as dated)

Don’t pack your cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirts, trade them for cuffed corduroys a short-sleeved western shirt and lace-up TOMS.

These BDG beauties are on sale for only $39 right now.

Men's Cordones from TOMS

And howabout for the swimwear?
Volley shorts are back in all of their glory. As well as snap-front shorts. (According to Esquire Fashion, and I'd listen if I were you)

Overall, be bold on your honeymoon! Don't forget that it is still summer, but that the person you're with is going to think you are the best looking thing they've ever seen. Because you love each other like crazy, you're newlyweds!
Oh yeah, and have the best time of your lives!

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