There are a lot of benefits to having Ever After Honeymoons plan your honeymoon for you. Sure, you can spend hours going through various websites, and plan your honeymoon on your own. But having Ever After Honeymoons plan it for you is a much better option, not to mention a stress-free one at that. Of course we would say that, but hopefully after reading below you will agree!

Here are some reasons why:

-Save time: The internet is filled with information about travel. It just takes a lot of time to sort through everything to find exactly what you are looking for. Once we get the information back about what you want for your honeymoon, we do the research for you and send over the best options.

-Save money: We shop around and find the best rates for you. We have access to special rates often times much lower than is available elsewhere online. And even better - there are no fees to work with us.

-Expertise: We travel often and visit the destinations most requested by clients so we can tell you about many destinations and hotels based on our experiences there. We always ask clients questions about their honeymoon once they return, so we are constantly receiving feedback. We can tell you about destinations and hotels based on our own and our clients experiences which is much more reliable than random online review sites.

-Extra Perks: We always contact hotels ahead of time and request honeymoon amenities for you. Our clients frequently get room upgrades, surprises in their rooms or complimentary spa services.

-Relaxed Process: Working together is very stress free and even enjoyable. You tell us what you want for your honeymoon and we send over a custom quote with amazing options. We then answer questions for you, and then book your honeymoon for you. You just get to go and have an amazing honeymoon!

-Have Questions? Just e-mail us. We are much easier to get in touch with than trying to contact the hotels and airlines directly.

In order to provide the highest level of service, we are currently only taking on new clients that have a honeymoon travel budget of $4,000 or higher.

E-mail us at to request a Custom Quote Request form.